Veto Session Preview

Veto Session Preview


Monday, October 23, 2017 6:28 PM EDT

Monday, October 23, 2017 6:28 PM EDT

SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- Lawmakers will be back in town Tuesday for what is expected to be an interesting veto session. 

“Normally during a veto session you will be dealing with line item and reduction vetoes and will have a fight over the Governor taking an x amount of money out of a program, this time around we aren’t doing that because we dealt with the total budget through an override”  said Kent Redfield, Political Science Professor Emeritus at UIS.

Another aspect that could set up for an interesting veto session, is the Republicans frustration with the governor for signing two controversial bills, a bill allowing for taxpayer funded abortions, and the Trust Act, which conservatives say makes Illinois a “sanctuary state”. 

“It is a Democrat/Republican thing but it’s even more complicated because you have a number of Republicans that are very angry at the governor over him signing Medicaid funding for abortions and another bill with having to do with immigration so people are watching whether or not the dynamic will be different.” said Redfield. 

Here are some issues that are expected to come up:

  • HB3649- The Debt Transparency Act. This bill is backed by Comptroller Susana Mendoza, and would require all state agencies to submit monthly reports of their bills. Editorial boards across the state, including at the Herald & Review, have come out strong against the governor for vetoing this bill. 
  • HB302- Unclaimed Life Insurance. This bill backed by Treasurer Michael Frerichs would make it easier for families to get unclaimed life insurance benefits after a death in the family. Treasurer Frerichs is pushing hard for an override of this legislation. “Let’s make it the law of the land that life insurance companies have to find their policy holders who have died and notify their beneficiaries this is common sense it’s what everyone would expect would happen when they buy a life insurance policy” he said. 
  • HB2462- Equal Pay Bill. This bill which passed with bipartisan support aims at closing the pay gap between men and women by banning employers from asking job applicants about their previous salaries. 
  • SB1905- Right to Work zone. This bill which is strong support from unions statewide, bans local communities from establishing Right to Work zones within their community. Political experts say members with heavy union presence in their districts could vote to override, since they are uncertain about funding from the Governor.
  • SB321- Auditing of MCO’s. This bill would require the Medicaid Managed Care contract procurement process to be transparent, and audited by the Auditor General. 

New issues are also expected to come into play during veto session. 

“People are curious if we are going to see a capital bill for instance. Which people would love to be spending money on roads and bridges in their districts but the question is always how do you fund it?” said Redfield. “We know there is certain items on the agenda because of vetoes but it is really up to the Democratic majority in the House and the Senate to decide are we going to expand the agenda and get into some other issues. Either because we are serious about passing them or because we want to make a statement.” 

A hearing scheduled Tuesday afternoon will tackle gun control in the state. Three bills were filed in response to the Las Vegas massacre. HB4107, would ban assault weapons, assault weapon attachments and .50 caliber rifles and cartridges. It would also make it illegal for anyone to own those 300 days after the bill goes into effect. HB4112, would make bump stocks illegal. Finally, HB4117, would ban trigger modification devices and require a FOID card to purchase pre-packaged explosives. 

Lawmakers are in session Tuesday at noon.

Veto Session Preview

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